Iceland: Land of Nature's Mysteries

2nd - 9th July 2015


  • Enjoy a guided tour of Reykjavik
  • Witness the eruption of hot spring Geysers
  • Visit the magnificent Golden Waterfall of Gullfoss
  • Rejuvenate in the geo-thermal Blue Lagoon spa
  • Spot whales and dolphins on a luxury ship cruise

What's Included

  • Flights and transfers from the UK
  • 3* accommodation
  • All breakfasts
  • Specified excursions
  • Services of a Socialeyes tour manager


  • Reykjavik City Tour
  • Golden Circle Tour
  • Transport to the Blue Lagoon (entrance to the spa is optional)
  • South Shore (optional)
  • Whale Watching (optional)
  • Horse riding (optional)

Iceland possesses one of the most supernatural landscapes on Earth. Its unique geological mysteries and primeval magic ensure that it resembles no other destination. With surreal ‘24 hour’ Arctic daylight, and spectacular skies, this is a geothermal wonderland where hot spring geysers and natural steam emit from deep within the earth's crust. Iceland turns the strange, hypnotic beauty of a dream world into a spellbinding reality.

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Day 1 – Thursday 2nd July
Transfer from Keflavík airport to hotel in Reykjavik.
Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 2 – Friday 3rd July
Half day tour of Reykjavik and local communities.
Our day begins with a visit to the Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland's largest church and Reykjavik's most famous landmark. Its magnificent wing-shaped tower surveys almost every part of the city. We also visit the "Pearl", a stunning, domed construction situated atop Öskjuhlíð hill, offering a wonderful vantage point for views over the city. Nearby are the fascinating 'sculpture gardens' and a man-made geyser which sends hot water and steam hurtling into the air at periodic intervals. We wander through the streets of colourful buildings which form the old city, making our way toward the harbour and Tjörnin Lake. The nearby golf course provides an ideal vantage point for observing bird life, including vast colonies of Arctic Terns in their natural habitat. Our final stop on this tour is the 15th century port of Hafnarfjordur, which is rich in Viking history and features a fascinating collection of traditional wooden and stone carvings.
Breakfast Included. Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 3 – Saturday 4th July
The Golden Circle Tour.
This tour incorporates Iceland's best known natural phenomenon and is therefore a 'must' for any visitor. In the morning we travel to Thingvellir National Park where there is much to explore in both the natural environment, and in Iceland's rich human history. Walking down a ravine takes us to a historic site where a local parliament assembly was established in the year 930! Here we witness the forces of world geology in action, for we are standing at the very pivotal point where the earth's tectonic plates are actually in the process of separating. We travel to a geothermal region where hot-spring Geysers erupt, sending natural steam skywards as hot, bubbling volcanic mud-pools lie all around. We visit the magnificent Golden Waterfall of Gullfoss, and feel the fresh spray of the icy water as it plunges recklessly into a seemingly endless abyss below. Next call is Kerid, an extinct volcano where we walk within the crater, no doubt hoping that it will remain extinct – at least for the duration of our visit! Our final stop is the small, charming town of Hveragerdi, which possesses Iceland's largest expanse of greenhouse vegetable cultivation, aided of course by the ever-present abundance of natural hot water and steam.
Breakfast Included. Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 4 – Sunday 5th July
Trip to the Blue Lagoon geo-thermal spa.
From the hotel we first drive to some local stables where we have the chance to become acquainted with a charming group of Icelandic horses. We then travel on through the rugged, lava-formed terrain into a geo-thermal hot-spring world where the air is filled with steam and the intense, natural aroma of sulphur. Upon arrival, you may decide to enter this peaceful paradise and simply relax and soak away all of life's stresses in the mineral-rich, naturally hot Blue Lagoon waters, and perhaps to indulge in one of the optional luxury spa treatments that are available here.
Breakfast Included. Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 5 – Monday 6th July
A free day to relax and explore.
You might perhaps choose to stroll around one of Reykjavik's many fine art galleries and museums, peruse for curios or simply mingle with the Icelanders and sample some of the cafe culture.

Alternatively, you may decide to experience an exciting 3 hour whale-watching tour and catch sight of whales, dolphins, porpoises and seabirds in their natural habitat, all from the warmth and comfort of our luxury ship.

The whale is one of the most amazing mammals in the world, holding the record for the biggest animal in history, the mammal with the longest migration, the deepest-diving mammal and one that is capable of emitting the loudest noise in nature, as loud as a jet engine (150 db). You have the chance to see some of these awesome creatures in their natural habitat. In Icelandic waters it is possible to find over 20 different cetaceans. Icelandic waters cover areas from the cold arctic sea in the north, to the warmer North Atlantic Ocean, south of the country. The two mixing currents and the long summer daylight are constantly providing a good environment for the plankton and the krill, combined with the depth of the bay at 20-30 metres; it makes an extremely favourable feeding area for the whales.
Breakfast Included. Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 6 – Tuesday 7th July
A free day to relax or take an optional excursion to Iceland's south coast.
For this, we leave the hotel in the morning and travel along the south shore where we pause to experience the astonishing power and beauty of a group of remarkable waterfalls. The braver ones among us might choose to take the walk behind one of the falls and to sense the might of nature's creativity at first hand. We travel to an ancient glacier which reveals in no uncertain terms how this unique national landmass originally came by its name. The rugged cliffs of the shoreline, the relentless sea with its sounds, aromas, and crashing waves all conspire here to overwhelm our senses in this truly unspoilt environment. Nearby are some interesting and extremely regular hexagonal basalt formations and a number of caves to explore. We stop at a local village restaurant for a bite to eat, a chance to visit a craft shop and an opportunity to experience the intricate process of Icelandic wool being transformed and fashioned into traditional winter garments by the descendants of countless generations of Icelandic craftspeople.
Breakfast Included. Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 7- Wednesday 8th July
A free day to relax.
Perhaps enjoy an atmospheric musical concert at the Hallgrimskirkja church with its phenomenal musical acoustics. Afterwards you might choose to treat yourself to some of the local culinary delicacies in one of the traditional Icelandic restaurants as you savour and share the events and experiences of the last few days.

Alternatively, you may decide to opt for a spot of horse riding. The Icelandic horse is a breed of horse that was brought to the island by Viking settlers and has now been bred for centuries without the addition of outside bloodstock. Because they are often pony-sized, they are by some referred to as "Icelandic ponies". However, in most places, the breed is considered a "horse" and to call it a "pony" is likely to offend! Regardless of size, Icelandic horses can easily carry the weight of a large grown adult, and probably the most beloved trait of the Icelandic horse is its unique character, being willing, brave, happy, forward, cheerful, and confident and offering its best with very little encouragement. They are known for being sensible, easy to ride, and easy to handle. You do not need to be an experienced rider. This tour will take you along a beautiful nature trail, with exceptional countryside views; maybe you will be able to spot a troll or two. The beautiful Bláfjöll Mountains towers above on the horizon.
Breakfast Included. Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 8 – Thursday 9th July
Transfer from hotel in Reykjavik to Keflavík airport.
Breakfast Included.

Iceland leaves a positive, multi-sensory impression upon all who come here. If you hanker for the extraordinary and if you love to experience nature at its most remarkable, then Iceland's geology, charm and culture is sure to strike a distinctive chord with you.

Iceland and Socialeyes: the perfect combination.

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